17. FDF: Die Zeit, die Zeit

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A few words on short video essay Die Zeit, die Zeit (Henrike von Dewitz, Slovenia, 2015)

By Henrike von Dewitz

Die Zeit, die Zeit (The time, the time) is a short video essay created at the Mad About Film workshop, during the 17th Documentary Film Festival in Ljubljana in March 2015.

The film tells the story of a German man who wanna go home (as he sings) in order to find images of his childhood. At the age of 74, he started making videos and sent them to his family. We can sense through them a certain yearning for his Heimat (homeland), which his family lost when they had to flee from the Russians in 1945. We join him on a journey to a house which could be the one of his childhood.

The title of the film refers to the homonymous book by Martin Suter (2012), which relates a story about a man who rebuilds a certain moment of the past as precisely as he can.

DIE ZEIT DIE ZEIT from Henrike von Dewitz on Vimeo.